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random weight loss thought

lease and I were just discussing the fact that arghing at each other online about the difficulties of weight loss did seem to help keep us on track a little. I, at least, have periodically joined LJ communities and the like where a bunch of geek sorts are trying to lose weight and trying to find encouragement, and they don’t (for the crowd I hang with, anyway) seem to last very long.

I wonder if a weekly online scheduled chat session might work better. Format probably wouldn’t matter so much, be it MUSH, AIM, GChat, whatever, but I wonder if that would work. Scheduling times would probably be a bitch and a half, thanks to time zones and work schedules and the fact that we’re none of us as young as we used to be, but the idea appeals to me. I’m sure there are chat rooms out there I could find, but I’d rather be whining to people I already know, y’know?

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