kit (mizkit) wrote,

*all* the tv

Amazon hath delivered unto us its temptations, and now we have *all* the TV to watch. And I haven’t even finished re-watching season 4 Doctor Who!

Ok, I have not pushed myself as hard in the writing as I might have done. I finished a chapter and have started another, but I had to stop to find out what Pinocchio’s father’s name was (I knew it wasn’t Gestapo) and now I think I’m going to actually go ahead and finish the AAs and possibly go so far as to start typing them in. The book has three or four chapters left, and will have that many left until I’m done. If I pushed it I might finish tomorrow, but I think Friday’s looking pretty likely. So if I get the AAs done *too*, then I can have a free weekend before I do…shit loads of other work that’s piling up.

ytd wordcount: 74,400
miles to Minas Tirith: 80.5

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