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26 February 2009 @ 12:40 pm
not really so much with the working  

I haven’t started working today and I can’t figure out if it’s a bad sign (ie, the book is still screwed up and what I wrote yesterday is not right, and thus I don’t want to work on it) or if it’s just that I got up a little late and did a rather extensive Pilates set which pushed my work-start-time later than I like it to be and if that has set me off wrong. I *think* it’s the latter, compounded by the impulse, when I sat down at Nook, to write up a script for what I would say on a Pilates For Normal People video if I were to make one. And now I’m wondering if Silkie would actually use such a video if I made one, since she’s the one who thought I should do it in the first place. :)

So after that, rather than sit at the computer and beat myself up for not working I thought I’d come have lunch and pretend I was going back to work after eating instead of only just now getting started. 1600 words will finish the chapter; that’ll just be the goal for today. And I think I’ll go ahead and start on the WALKING DEAD proofs this afternoon/evening and just do them a little at a time, which shouldn’t take too much brain away from forward motion on TRUTHSEEKER.

I donno, an hour of exercise this morning was good for me or something. I’m feeling pretty chipper. So I shall take that chip and go write with it. Or, er, something like that. :)

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kitmizkit on February 26th, 2009 10:23 pm (UTC)
My mom used to get quite concerned when I'd say 'oh god this book is terrible it's the worst thing i've ever written i should probably just give them their money back it's never going to work' until she started reading my writer friends' LJs, too, and discovered we all say that. We are, indeed, all alike. :)