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I’m baaack!

Back into the world of the living, or at least the net-connected. I watched the Academy Awards last night and thought that actually they were mostly terribly boring. Jackman’s opening number was pretty funny, and I enjoyed the showtunes medley production number, in large part because it gave me the opportunity to discover that yes, Beyonce really can sing. Plus they did the choreography from the film of Grease for the bits they sang of “You’re The One That I Want”, which I thought was fairly awesome. :) And I was glad I hadn’t gotten spoiled for the two categories I was genuinely interested in this year (Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress), and I was disappointed but not surprised by the Best Actor.

Two days of no net did the book good. I killed off the character who needed to die, and actually it turns out I’m going to have to rewrite what’s left more significantly, because a different character reacted, er, differently, once the scene had been changed. So I’m back around 54K on the book or something (*SIGH*), and I have, let’s see. Ten days to finish the book. Gah. I’d better stop fucking around online and go work, hadn’t I.

Apropos of nothing, I thought this one turned out well:

ytd wordcount: 57,900 (great, my ytd wordcount has now exceeded the number of useful words in the book)

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