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thinks I’ve done

Today hasn’t been the blue blazes writing glory I hoped it would be after a week off. I’ve tapped out about 1700 words, and some of them came easily, but I still seem to have a sense of unease about the book. I’ve gotten a deadline extension to the 16th of March if necessary, so I’m not freaked out, just uncomfortable, and I’m going to print it out tonight and tomorrow’s work will be reading it (probably twice) and seeing about making Hard Choices. I just don’t feel like the stakes are high enough, and by now they should be pretty high. So. Wibble. (Writing is hard, dammit. Still. Annoyingly so.)

What’s left of the afternoon will be spent going on a walk and printing out the manuscript. My evening involves doing laundry and alternating between re-reading FIFTY DEGREES BELOW and reading one of the Pilates books I bought. None of that sounds very exciting, I admit, but it all *does* sound rather pleasant and homey to me, which after three days out in the big city is just about the right speed.

Tomorrow, besides reading TRUTHSEEKER, I need to answer some interview questions. Must remember to do that.

ytd wordcount: 55,300
miles to Minas Tirith: 44.2

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