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In my bid to get photos for Lisa and to start organizing the kitsnaps stuff, I have discovered that I am simply *missing* the photography files from April-June 2006.

I have literally no idea how this is possible. I cannot imagine that I might have accidentally deleted them. Not three months worth of photos. And even if I *had*, I can’t even find the saved-for-web versions on any of the backups we’ve got, which is bizarre beyond belief. It’s like I was using a different, no-longer-extant computer for those three months, but I wasn’t. Or, y’know, maybe I *was* (I sold Gavin my laptop sometime in the first half of that year), but I know I had them *after* I posted them on Kitsnaps, because I printed this one out as a Christmas gift at Christmas 2006, long before we had the on-going series of computer crashes.

I am so bewildered as to almost not be upset or frustrated. The only possible explanation I can think of is that for some reason those three months worth of photography *all* got saved to a memory stick and were removed from hard drive, but I cannot imagine why that would have happened. Especially not just the original files but also the saved-for-web versions. Everything *else*, the preceding and succeeding months, are all saved in the same places. There’s no conceivable reason why those three months are missing, but I can’t find them anywhere.


eta: my high school photography teacher, who has a much higher version of Photoshop than I do, is going to rescue me/the photos. Let’s hear it for Facebook.

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