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I have a dream. It’s not as noble a dream as MLK Jr’s. It’s just a dream that I’ll get my kitsnaps photographs all tucked together in a tidy directory someday, where they will all live in their appropriately modified glory and will be easily accessible.

Having just gotten a Giant! New! Computer! makes this somewhat more likely. I’m in the process now of moving all the photography files to the portable hard drive (as opposed to the one they’re on, which is merely a hard drive rescued from a dead computer) so I can at least get to them easily, and I’ll start organizing the good ones into a Kitsnaps directory on the new computer later. This will make me happy. :)

Most of the reason I’m doing this right now is because lease asked if I ever sold kitsnaps photos, which forced me to really kind of think about how I might most practically go about doing that.

The answer, really, is pretty simple. They’re all digital files. The easiest way to go about selling them is to accept Paypal and simply upload the relevant images for someone to download and print themselves. I can obviously make it more complicated and get things printed out and ship them from my end, too, but I bet 90% of the time, offering a download would be satisfactory. (The only reason I can think why it wouldn’t be satisfactory would be if someone wanted The Photographer’s Signature on the photo, really.)

So from this point on, if anybody wants, you can contact me to buy any of the kitsnaps photos (except the Hawaii ones, because they’re not 300dpi and I doubt they’re particularly printable). Original image sizes are 6×10″ and they scale beautifully to 8×12″. (I have not yet determined if they scale bigger than that so I won’t make any promises for 11×14″, but I’m willing to provide a file at that size so you can try.)

$15/€12 for digital files; if you want me to print and ship stuff, email me to negotiate prices. :)

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