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5K day

I woke up twenty seconds before the alarm went off, thought “Guess I’m ready for today,” and then at 7:14 drifted back out of sleep thinking “Augh, if I don’t get up right now I’m not going to accomplish the things I want to today!”

So I got up and fed the cats and looked outside and there was a pretty decent moon out, so I spent almost half an hour taking pictures of it. Someday when I’m rich (very rich) I’ll have a 500mm lens with which to shoot the moon, but for now, some of these aren’t bad. This is my favorite:

Did my Pilates, had breakfast, and got to writing by nine, which was the goal. I broke every hour to do my weight lifting, and finished a chapter around lunch, so took an hour off. Wrote another chapter in the afternoon, not entirely intentionally: I’d been planning to do another 1500 words or so, but I accidentally blew past 1500 and reached about 1900, which made stopping seem silly, since that was almost the end of the chapter. So I ended up with a 5K day, and then practiced the tin whistle.

What I did not do was get out of the house. Not sure I feel 5K days are particularly worth not getting out, anymore. Still, I’m up to 58K on the book, so that elusive 2/3rds mark is very near. And I did go for a very short walk this evening, just to get out of the house.

That’s about it.

ytd wordcount: 51,000 (oh look, I broke 50K, that’s cool)

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