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more like “seize”

I tried that exhale-and-pinch-your-belly-fat thing this morning. It was more like “seize” than “pinch”, I’m afraid… :)

I’ve noticed that over the last week or so, after 3-4 weeks of Pilates, I am more inclined to sit and stand up straight, and that, especially the last few days, when I’m out walking I’m sucking my gut in more. I donno, I think maybe this might be good for me or something.

We walked outside this morning to go to the gym, and there was a great golden moon hanging just above the trees. We looked at each other, then rushed back inside to grab our cameras. :)

Hopefully the weather will hold and we’ll get better ones tomorrow!

Margh. I must remember to do my Magical Words post today. It’s about making things too easy for your characters. Must remember that. *drills into brain* (eta: there. Magical Words post–”I screwed up. Now what?” posted at Magical Words. :))

Oh! Coraline! We got our tickets today. Is anybody else going & would you like to meet up for dinner first? Kate? Pádraig & Deirdre? Anyone? Anyone?

On the writing front, I have broken 50K on TRUTHSEEKER. 53K, in fact. I have to decide what day I’m taking off this week. It’d been going to be tomorrow or Thursday, but I’m kind of having pipe dreams of 60K by the end of the week now, so I donno. *wibble*

ytd wordcount: 46,000
ytd km swum: 17.5
miles to Minas Tirith: 7

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