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I’ve had LA Confidential from (the Irish equivalent of) Netflix for about two months now, and so, because Ted is going off to watch the new Punisher movie, which I’m sure is too violent for me, I’m going to have A Night In. It will involve popcorn and orange juice and hopefully a kitty snuggling up with me, and possibly a viewing of Stardust after I’ve watched LA Confidential, but probably not because there’s some kind of international dance competition thing on TV at 9 that I kind of want to watch.

I spent a while practicing my tin whistle this afternoon (I need a tin whistle icon). It’s been about 6 days shy of a year since I crunched my hand and stopped practicing, which I’d been doing almost daily in January last year. I’m not nearly as good at reading the music now as I was after a month of practice last year. Also–and this isn’t new, just a comment–unless I already know what the tune sounds like, I really have no skill at all at timing or note lengths. I mean, I know what 4/4 time or 3/4 time or whatever *is*, but it’s meaningless in terms of trying to make the tunes sound like music. Conveniently, this particular book comes with a CD so I can hear the tunes played, but I have to find the CD….

In other news, the colors for Chance #4 are done, and it’s going to be a really truly gorgeous issue. Sadly, I don’t have an update on when Chance #2 is going to be out, and probably won’t get one before next week, because New York Comic Con is this weekend.

‘k. I think that’s all for the moment.

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