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a good mail day

Well, this has been a good mail day. I got an Amazon order *and*, utterly unexpectedly, a copy of DRAGON IN CHAINS, by Daniel Fox/moshui for review & potential quotage when it goes back to print. Having read some of Daniel’s work before, I’m pretty confident of liking this, and looking forward to reading it. Yay! (If I keep it up at this rate I’m not going to have to buy any books this year. I got Juliet McKenna’s splendid IRONS IN THE FIRE earlier this year (must send her editor a quote on that) and I’ve gotten an urban fantasy and now Daniel’s book! Excellent!)

This somewhat makes up for a perfectly wretched swim this morning. I only did 1000 meters, which is hardly worth getting wet for, in my opinion, but the pool was a hideously warm 30 degrees C, which is like swimming in bath water. Gah. I pled my case to the leisure centre people, but they said people whinge about the pool being 30 degrees, much less colder (my not-very-politic reaction to that was–although I didn’t say it out loud–was “Keep your damned kids out of the water until they can cope, then”). Usually it’s 29, which is about as warm as one can reasonably (and I use the word adviseably) swim laps at. I’d think the swim team would be grateful if they kept it below 30, too, though. I’m not the *only* distance-swimming freak in town.

ytd km swum: 13.8
miles to Dunharrow: 189.2
ytd wordcount: 39,500

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