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many random things

This is a post of many random things. :)

First! My friend and co-writer at Magical Words, Misty Massey/madkestrel, is running a contest in conjunction with the release of her new novel! Go check it out! :)

Second, Ted and I are most of the way through 4th season Stargate: Atlantis. And last night we watched “Trio”, with the foreknowledge that Rodney McKay leaves the show at some point. As the story took a turn toward the potentially alarming, we both sat up straight and went, “HOLY *CRAP*, are they going to KILL HIM?” It actually got my heart rate up. Only after the episode did I remember that I thought he was just supposed to be in season 5 *less*, not not at all. We have clearly been watching way, way, way too much BSG. *clutches heart*

Okay, it is really a post of *two* random things, but dinner is ready and I’m STAAAAAAAAARVING, so bye! :)

miles to Dunharrow: 178.3
ytd km swum: 12.8

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