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Ok. I have gotten three chapters revised, one with only a couple hundred words changed (but one nearly entirely rewritten). The next chapter is going to probably be half rewritten; some of what it does is good, and some is less good. I would really *really* like to keep the chapter after that, but unless I can forcibly insert plot into it, it’ll have to go. Regardless, the three immediately after that will have to be rewritten entirely. Possibly more than that, I don’t know yet. But what’s in there right now is *not* salvageable, and what will go in its place will be much better.

There are at least a couple scenes after all those rewrites which can be salvaged. I don’t actually know right now if I’m going to leave that part of the story as it’s written or if I’m going to go back and rewrite it as the synopsis suggests. Won’t matter for several days, though, because I’ve got to fix all the stuff before it.

It is very, very important that I do not let myself stop swimming and doing pilates because zomg i must spend ALL MY TIME on the book and not do ANYTHING ELSE EVAR because ZOMG BOOK IS SCREWED UP, which is my usual pattern.

And now I have to go do forty-three things that need doing, some of which needed doing months ago and have now become critical.

ytd wordcount: 29,200 :p

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