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I woke up at about 6:40 this morning and almost talked myself out of going to swim. But then I thought, “Self, you *always* feel better after exercising, and you know you won’t go later in the day.” So I got up and walked through the POURING RAIN and had a quite nice swim. I did 500 meters of just kicking, which loosened up my very, very, very sore legs (we walked about eight and a half miles on Wednesday, and then yesterday I did barre exercises. My legs huuuuuurt.), which was good. Of course, my legs felt like rubber afterward, but still, it was good. :)

And, in honor of tersa, who is kicking ass and taking names, I did a whole 50 meters of butterfly at once. :) (Tersa, mind you, is doing *hundreds* of yards of fly, but this is only the fifth time I’ve swum.)

Man, the problem with exercising is it makes me STARVELATE, and yet eating everything in sight kind of defeats the point. OM NOM NOM.

Today I will break 50K on TRUTHSEEKER.


miles to Dunharrow: 169.9
ytd km swum: 9.1

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