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interview meme!

I do enjoy this meme. :)

Say “interview me!” in the comments and I’ll ask you five questions of my own choosing, at least for the first two or three or five who ask.

Questions from suricattus/:
1. Have you ever had a day where you weren’t sick, but did absolutely nothing other than sleep and watch tv/read?
Of course!

2. What do you miss the most about Alaska?
Biking. Anchorage has over a hundred miles of bike trail, and I really, really miss getting out on them. Biking in Ireland is suicidal behavior. If I ever move back to the States, where I live will be heavily informed by the ease of access to good biking (Colorado, I’m looking at you).

3. What is your superpower?
In real life, it appears to be the ability to convince people that I am extremely disciplined and organized, despite my personal feeling that I am neither. In an actual superhero world, I’d want to be able to fly.

4. Lions or tigers, and why?
Tigers, because they like to swim and they’re stripey. :)

5. Is there something Chef Ted has made that you really, really hated?
Honestly, there is not. The one thing I was terribly dubious about was a spinach-garlic (or something like that) sauce for halibut. The sauce was BRILLIANT GREEN, and I…was dubious. But it turned out to be *brilliant*.

He did make a lousy batch of spaghetti once, back in 2003.

Questions from tim_pratt/:
1. Which is prettier, Alaska or Ireland? Show your work!
Um. Honestly, there’s no answer to that. Alaska and Ireland are both beautiful in completely, utterly different ways. I have a lot more pictures of Ireland, due to making an effort to get out and do photography here, but on the other hand, I have no pictures of moose from Ireland…

2. Who’s your favorite comic book superheroine? (Not including one you write!)
Rogue. :) It was the hair that appealed to me first, but I just grew to love the character.

3. You’ve conquered the worlds of romance, urban fantasy, and comics — what genre/medium do you desperately want to work with in the future?
Straight mystery (no paranormal elements) and young adult. Especially YA.

4. What do you think of the Real Life Superheroes popping up in the US and elsewhere — ordinary people who dress up and fight crime (or at least help stranded motorists)? Crazy idiots or wonderful idealists or?
Both. I think they’re insane and wonderful. As far as Im concerned, they make the world an inherently better place, although one has to worry about them a bit. :)

5. What are the components of your perfect breakfast? (If you don’t eat breakfast, go with brunch, and if you don’t eat brunch, I’ll grudgingly accept dessert.)
I’m a bit weird about breakfast. I eat the same thing every day for months and months and months, then suddenly get tired of it and eat something else. Right now I’m eating Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Before that it was oatmeal, which I ate for most of a year. But my *ideal* breakfast is probably…french toast with homemade maple syrup and maybe a side of fruit and a fried egg on a separate plate. And fresh orange juice. Om nom nom!

I have finished my proofs, and sent them off, even. This is good, because tomorrow they’re turning our electricity off for eight hours, so we’re leaving the house and going to Dublin to try to find me some new shoes and to watch the new Underworld movie and…possibly to go to the Long Room at Trinity and check out their murder mystery novel history display. Probably not, though, ’cause I bet those first two things will take up most of the day.

We’re watching something about some Irish guy doing an Arctic journey. He’s heading for the North Pole right now, on a nuclear-powered vessel, and it reminds me of the Midsummer Regatta in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capital series. It’s set in the near future and the first Midsummer Regatta is held the first summer the North Pole is accessible through an ice-free passage through the Arctic.

There’s nothing especially emotional about how the passage in which it’s mentioned is written, but–possibly because I’m from an Arctic part of the world–the impact of that very-nearly-throwaway story aspect was astonishing. I’ve read it two or three times now and it gets me every time. I have very little doubt I’ll see the day when that Regatta is possible, and, I would do just about anything to participate in the first one. I’m heartbroken by the entire idea, and the heartbreak goes both ways: in awe and in horror that it could be done.

My brain is suddenly empty, so I’m going to bed now.

miles to Dunharrow: 150.4

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