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What I have learned today

What I have learned today: I should just ask Ted do all my shopping for me. He is much, *much* more patient than I am, and does not get frustrated if he doesn’t find exactly the right item in the first three seconds of searching. (I have only once in my life had an ideal shopping experience. It involved going into the store, finding the exact pair of granny boots I wanted in my size the first try, and leaving, shoes purchased, within five minutes of entering.) Whether it is jeans (as it was last week) or bras (as it was today) he’s willing to keep looking for ones that are my size and handing them to me to try on. I didn’t realize until the jeans-shopping incident that he was so good at this. Now having backed it up with the bra-shopping, well. I should be very nice to him so he’ll do my shopping for me.

While in Dublin, we stopped by Forbidden Planet, where there was one copy of “Take A Chance” left on the shelves. We didn’t buy it, deciding it was better to let somebody else potentially buy it (*looks at you Dubliners*), but we saw it. And it was strangely anti-climactic. I think I’ve seen it in printouts and on screen for so very very long that the new! shiny! has long since worn off. It looked very nice, mind you. Seeing that page 2 splash, and the still-gorgeous coloring on page 17 particularly, and actually seeing the big fight scene in the middle as one whole scene was neat. But mostly…mostly it looked just like the printouts, only with staples in the middle. Kind of weird, really.

We also exchanged our redundant copy of Hellboy II for Wanted, and went to Elephant & Castle for lunch (shortly after which we discovered a new?ish, anyway, Cajun restaurant in Temple Bar, where we would have gone in preference had we known it was there). I made the mistake of ordering mozzarella cheese on my burger, which, as I said to Ted, “after the Stilton Incident, I should’ve known better”, but it was pretty good.

There are salsa dance classes starting here next Wednesday evening. That might be fun.

miles to Dunharrow: 121.5

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