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Del Rey warned me Tuesday that proofs were on the way for PRETENDER’S CROWN and that they’re due back the 26th. I’m hoping they get here tomorrow, so I can hand them over to my parents and let them do the first couple rounds of proofing while I…

…no, not work on TRUTHSEEKER, but instead do the line edits for WALKING DEAD that just turned up. I don’t have to have them back until February 2nd (some kind of record), but better to get them done sooner rather than later (if for no other reason than those listed here by Kate Elliott…). Proofs and line edits aren’t as brain-intensive as revisions, so possibly I can work on TRUTHSEEKER in the mornings and do line edits and proofs in the afternoons. Of course, that means getting to work before 11am. Which means both getting up earlier and ceasing to take 40 minute showers.

…see, you can tell I’m back at work, because I have something to talk about on the blog.

Another 500 words or so will finish this chapter. I don’t particularly want to go back to work, but if I don’t finish the chapter today I will use finishing it tomorrow as an excuse to not write more than oh, about 500 words tomorrow. And really to get this book done in a timely fashion I should start writing 3K a day, say, next week. So doing more than 500 words tomorrow would be good, which means going up and finishing this chapter. *mutter*

- do the thumbnail sketch for page 1 of chance #4
- do the dear reader letter
- email the talent search woman

All right. 500ish words should really only take about half an hour. *slogs off to it*

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