kit (mizkit) wrote,

thinks to do

- buy cat food & cocoa powder
- upload pencils for chance #4
- do the )(*&)(# thumbnail sketch for page 1 of chance #4 before ardian flies from indonesia to kill me
- do the dear reader letter
- email the talent search woman
- email lanny
- go for a walk
- write

…for a woman who, for the first time since she started a writing schedule, only has the 3 actual deadlines that are contracted for this year on it, I seem to be putting a number of make-more-work-for-myself things on that list. (Ok, only two, but still. These things get out of control easily.)

ZOMG. We have just gotten a Giant Box full of mac&cheese, marshmallow fluff, TWO POUNDS of Nestles Tollhouse semi-sweet chocolate chips, *POP TARTS*, and Nutella. lease, you are an angel of mercy and kindness! Thank you! *nibbles the corner of a pop tart and swoons*

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Tags: friends, thinks to do, work

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