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Take A Chance: City of Heroes

If there is a such thing in the world as a comic shop that actually puts its comics out on Tuesday, today is the official launch date for Take A Chance. Really, it’s probably tomorrow, but today is technically Publication Day.

In celebration, I’m posting a series of Chance icons I’ve done from issue #1, and some of the very first Chance sketches by Ardian Syaf (who, as we all know, has gone on to do brilliant things with Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files comic book!), along with some (very brief) character sketch notes about some of the major players.

As it happens, it seems that the comic shop I normally shop at will not have Chance in until after Christmas, which means I’m going to have to turn to you, my faithful readers, for pictures and reports of Chance In The Wild. I’ll figure out some kind of contest or prize or something for pictures posted in the comments thread here. :)

Everything else


This (clicks through to a larger version) was pretty much the very first piece of Chance art I ever got from Ardian. It came with an apology for being late–he’d wanted to deliver something “a little more complete” than roughs, and so turned this and a fully complete page one in at what amounted to the last minute in my audition process. We changed the mask, but…there she was, large as life on my computer screen. It’s been just about three years since then and I still can’t quite get over it.




Another very early sketch. I think this was the first one Ardian did that wasn’t part of a page–just working to get the feel of the character as we threw around mask ideas. Chance isn’t superpowered: she practices two styles of martial arts and works out, and I wanted that to be part of her physicality. She’s not a fragile character (except maybe mentally), and the art reflects that, which makes me unendingly happy.




I wanted Murkowski to, above all, have a solid, reassuring presence. I told Ardian he doesn’t necessarily actually *look* like Denzel Washington, but he’s got that kind of air about him. I believe it was when she saw this sketch that shadowhwk shook her head and said, “You and your cops” (which is totally fair: I’ve got quite a slew of cops in my fiction, and I’m not sure why), but I must say, when *I* saw this sketch I said, “Oh my God, I’ve got a crush on my own character.” Again, this was Ardian’s first sketch for the character, and he delivered what I was after.




Clearly a name change here–Static, or Static Shock, at least, is a copyrighted character, so my electricity guy ended up being Tazer, which I’m perfectly happy with. He’s one of the new heroes: a character who’s developed superpowers and who feels he should be out Fighting Crime with them, even if he hasn’t got the foggiest idea how to fight. I asked for a bleach-blond Adrian Brody for this character, in part because (er, well, because I like big noses, actually, but it sounds better if I say) I wanted to avoid everybody having really perfect features the way they tend to in comics. The end result is I have a crush on Tazer, too. :)



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