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I have had a Thought.

My copy edits are done. My revisions are done. I have turned in everything I’m going to get paid for this year. I do not have another book due until the end of February, and that’s a 90K book which is a quarter done already. I have comic scripts completed through May, assuming Chance does phenomenally well and actually launches directly into issue 6, which is probably not very likely. I do not actually *have* to write 400K this year. The only thing I have due in the immediate future is “Cairn Dancer”, which is due Monday. There is also some management stuff for the completion of issues 4 & 5 of Chance, but that’s all about getting other people to do work while I admire them.

What this all means is I could actually take December off without it causing strain. At least, without it causing strain on my forthcoming schedule; it might cause all kinds of mental strain. :)

I think I’ll give it a shot.

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