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I have spent the entire morning doing fiddly busy work that is not anything like the actual revision work I *should* be doing. It’s good stuff to be doing–arranging the covers for issues 4 & 5 of Chance, interview stuff, a few updates (still haven’t emailed the FPI guy, the DCC guy, or my letterer; need to do those, though not *this morning*), that kind of thing. But mostly what I’m doing is avoiding revisions.

Which is stupid. They’re not especially hard revisions. They’re mostly rearranging a few sentences, writing a few new ones, striking a few old ones. Detail work. And I get paid when I turn them in. So there is no logical excuse at all for avoiding them. And yet here I am, Not Doing Them.

Humans aren’t too bright.

(Oh, good. Ted’s gotten up, which means I can be a good wife and give him the laptop, which will then leave me with nothing other to do than my stupid work. *drags self off to work*)

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