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I’m off to a very slow start today. I slept badly, having dreams about the election what certainly seemed like all bloody night long, only interrupted when I got up to go to the bathroom, came back to bed, and tried to locate the pillow that had gone missing but instead poked Ted in the ribs several times, which tickled him until he woke up very, very confused. :) (I thought the pillow was between us. It turned out it’d fallen on the floor, but I was fumbling for it and finding his ribs and I didn’t quite realize I was poking him until he went “Mmmph?” in the sleepiest cutest way ever. :)) Poor Ted. :)

And now–although the polls are barely open–I really just want to kind of sit and stare neurotically at returns until it becomes evident that the US has either pulled its head out of its ass, or not. (I said diplomatically.) Given that it’ll be about 3am here before that starts to become in any way evident, much less conclusive, this is not really a very useful way to spend my day. Especially when I have a minimum of 500 words to write to maintain NNWM speed, and revisions to do. And yet.

I think my get up and go has got up and gone.

ytd wordcount: 344,200

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