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feeling good enough to talk about politics

I think I am feeling better. I went for a walk this afternoon instead of taking a nap, which is what I’ve been doing for the last several days, and I actually feel like I have at least a few crumbs of energy to spare. It’s astonishing how much better ‘vaguely normal’ feels. o.O

Also–possibly because the cold is fading–I’m feeling rather benignly pleased with the world. I hope I’ll still feel this way on, say, Wednesday morning. o.O, again. But we’ve voted (over a week ago now), and it appears Democrat Mark Begich has a growing lead over convicted felon and Republican senator Ted Stevens in Alaska, which falls under some of the best news I’ve heard in months. Stevens has been in office five years longer than I’ve been alive. While–short of some kind of personal catastrophe–it’s almost impossible he would continue to serve through the entirety of my lifetime, the idea of seeing him actually lose a race instead of die in office fills me with joy.

Even more astoundingly, apparently Democratic candidate Ethan Berkowitz is ahead of incumbent Republican Don Young in the Alaskan Congressional race. McCain will probably still take the presidential ticket in Alaska, but the whole thing gives me all kinds of hope for the state. And with any sort of luck I’ll get to watch Palin slink back home in three days and lose her governorship in an embarrassingly large landslide in 2010. I said cheerfully. :)

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