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Ok, first the Eason’s site gave no indication the Gaiman thing was a ticketed event (I checked about five times before I left for South Carolina), and now it says that it is, and that the tickets are sold out. Ok, well, slovobooks/Pádraig is a hero of the revolution and has an extra ticket. But also, the Eason’s site had indicated the thing was at 6 or 6:30, and now says it’s at 7, and it turns out I was wrong about when buses leave: I thought there was a quite late bus that left at 9 and went through Longford around 11, but if there was, maybe it was a summer route or something, because the last one I can get on to get back to Longford is at seven. And I’m afraid I’ve just got too much *shit* to do to lose all of today and, realistically, all of tomorrow to going in to Dublin tonight and travelling back tomorrow.


Well, I guess that puts paid to my little vacation here. :p

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