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101 jillion things to do

I don’t like traveling. I don’t like the *preparations* for traveling, particularly. I like being places. I just don’t like everything it takes to get there. I always feel like I have 12,000 million billion things to do RIGHT NOW before I leave. I’ve gotten better about early organizing in the last couple of years (mostly to try and spare Ted, who takes the brunt of my ill humor if I’m insufficiently prepared), but it’s all a major PITA anyway. So today is the List Of A Hundred Jillion Things To Do Before Leaving.

- do the dialog class handout
- print out dialog and developing voice handouts
- print out airline reservation stuff
- email the SCWW contact woman to tell her the airline cancelled a flight or something so I’m getting in later than expected (joy)
- print out all the SCWW information
- print out hotel information for Ted
- pack a toothbrush
- check bus schedule buses at 3:05 (unlikely) and 5:10 (more likely)
- pack a couple* books to read
- try to remember what I’m forgetting
» like going to get cash out before trying to catch the bus
» pack more socks
» pack the cell phone

Crap. Looks like I have to check in at the airport. sigh. oh well.

*Theoretically if I only pack a couple of books, I’ll do some writing on the trip. Realistically, if I only pack a couple of books, I’ll buy several in the airport bookstore. Except one of the airports is Dublin, which hasn’t got much in the way of decent selection, and another is Charles de Gaulle, where, y’know, I don’t know, all the books might be in French, and the last one is Atlanta, by which time my eyes will be burned holes in a blanket and I won’t be able to read anyway. Decisions, decisions.

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