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I had this glorious idea that I’d get the WALKING DEAD revisions done this week. I believe the phrase I am now searching for is “bahahahahah”. I shouldn’t have any problem getting them done by the end of the month as long as I get at least one read-through done this week, but I had such hopes for getting not only the revisions, but also the Morrigan Press short story, a Chance script, and the first Mia chapter/script also done this month, so that my plate would be Totally Clear for Nanowrimo.

Realistically, out of those non-revisions projects, the only one with a deadline is the short story, so if I can manage to get *it* done before the end of October I’m in good shape.

I clearly have not yet actually grasped this “slow down” thing I’ve been talking about.

- finish the outline/handout for the “developing your writer’s voice” class
- visualization class handout/outline
- dialog class handout/outline
- read through all of the critique submissions
- do a critique writeup on one of them
- start reading WD for revision purposes

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