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Not off to an auspicious start this morning. Ted told me at 7:15 that it was time to get up, and I heard him, but apparently my brain was pretty much full on in dream mode, because I didn’t so much go back to sleep as just continue *to* sleep, in a dream which involved working on revisions at a cafe where I had apparently forgotten to pay for the pizza I’d had a few days earlier, which the women behind the counter tried to tell me, except one of them was completely unintelligible and the other (who had an Irish accent) was apparently not all that worried about it. I only realized the problem after the unintelligible one gave me several days worth of receipts, most of which were paid, but the pizza one of which was not, but I’d already left the cafe by the time I looked at them. She’d also given me a two-page-long thing which was evidently meant to speak to her qualifications for working at a cafe. It said her name was Olivia and that she spoke English good and that she could recognize the following items, including a hamburger, on a menu. I went home and asked Ted about this pizza, which cost €30, by the way, way too much, and then the dream morphed into some kind of lecture in which it appeared the man playing the part of my father was 1. well-renowned on whatever topic he was speaking on, but also 2. a political dissident of sorts. Having finished the lecture we were invited to an unlikely political rally, unlikely because it was in support of his opponent. I didn’t want to go because I thought it was a trap, but we went and when we walked in everybody was holding signs in support of their candidate, but when they turned the signs around the other sides said “Kill him” and other such charming commentary. We retreated with people shooting guns at us, got backed into a corner of the hotel, and the most ancient elevator in the world rattled down. The doors of the actual elevator didn’t open, though the outside doors were open, so we jumped on top and argued about which of us would protect the other, as apparently the man playing the part of my father was Superman and I had telekinetic abilities. The bad guy shot at us, but between our superpowers we didn’t get actually shot. Then we had to make our way out through the maze of sub-basements and corridors under the hotel, and finally flew (literally) out the front door (where a journalist was too stupid to take photos of the flying people) to land in the mini-van which held my father’s entourage so we could complete our escape. Then I woke up rather violently.

It was an extremely eventful 20 minutes between 7:15 and 7:35. I think I’m tired of the US election. Although I have no idea what the cafe thing was about. Anyway, so I leapt up and grabbed all my swimming stuff and was ready to go by the time Ted needed to leave except I couldn’t find my goddamned *keys* (which for some stupid reason were in the pocket of my jeans where I have not kept them in *ages*), so Ted had to leave without me and frankly I’m a grump and don’t want to do anything but go back to bed. :p

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