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live-editing, part 4

Aaaah, jeez. I am not off to a great start this morningtoday. It’s a quarter after one and I’ve only just sat down to work. The morning consisted of getting up to go for a walk, drowsing on the couch for 20 minutes, finally going for a slooooow walk, coming home for breakfast and to check email, and then for an hour-long nap and lunch. Which brings me up to now, pretty much.

I’m exactly halfway through the manuscript. If I want to have the slightest chance of getting it done in the first half of next week (and *Monday* would be ideal), I’m going to have to do the remaining half today and tomorrow. That’s not actually insurmountable, as I’ve done the first half in 3 days, but it’s going to require some significant focus, and my focus seems to be deeply interested in napping.

*shakes self* Okay. Marathon day.

Chapter 15

Not anticipating cutting anything from this chapter. If it happens, that’s fantastic, but the real work today is in revising it. Yesterday’s epiphany leads to a chunk that needs rewriting, and it will be so much better that even though rewriting’s a pain, I’m actually excited to do it. The thing I’m revising was always the weakest link in the book, the part I was most uncomfortable with because it was too clumsily implemented. The idea was sound, but now the implementation will actually work. *cracks knuckles and gets to it*

Well! To my surprise, not only have I vastly improved the chapter, but I also cut three pages. Wow. YAY!

Chapter 16

page 365: aaah, goodness, but I do like what I’ve done with the POV switches in these books. I name the characters when it switches viewpoints, and the names I use are important. I suspect 99% of people don’t notice it. I wouldn’t even notice if I was reading it, because I don’t pay much attention to that kind of header information, but damn, as a writer, I love what I’m doing there. :)

Um, yes, well, so I walked to town with Ted, and got back home within about an hour, but somehow I failed to actually come back to work for another hour after that, so now it’s a quarter to five and I’ve only done one chapter. I’m on page 365 and I should *really* get to at least page 500 tonight.

Ahahahah. :p

page 369: added a page, aggravatingly enough, but the new content was really important. Maybe I can cut a bit out of the rest of the chapter…

p 376: ooh! ooh! my first act of defiance against my editor’s suggested revisions! Ok, it’s only one word, but I like the one I’ve used better. Although I can see why she changed it, too, so who knows, maybe in the end I’ll capitulate.

p 380: another act of defiance! i’m a wild woman!

p 378: Oh. Crap. I need a new scene here, and it *has* to go here. *Dammit*. That interrupts the flow. Well, maybe not, it’s still a transition to the same character, because it *has* to be this character. Maybe I can…crap. I don’t know. Crap. *stares at it*

All right. Scene added. Back up to 689 pages, same number I started with today. Piffle.

Chapter 17

My enthusiasms are becoming a little flat at this point. I am, of course, nowhere near 500 pages. I haven’t even reached page 400 yet (although almost). There is no way I can do 300 pages tomorrow, so either I have to accept this pass isn’t going to be done tomorrow or I have to stay up very late working on this.

I can pretty much guarantee it’s *not* going to be door #2.

p 408: managed to cut a page. woot.

Chapter 18

It would be morally superior to do this chapter. Ok. Ok, self. It’s 6:30. Work until 7, and then you can go cook dinner and watch tv and, uh, do your Pilates, because you didn’t do them this morning.


Ok. A word here and there has cut a page out. That’s something, anyway; a couple pages struck today. I haven’t done nearly as much work as I should have, but I’ll just have to put the auld nose to the grindstone tomorrow. :p

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