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interview with Jason Embury

My colorist, Jason Embury, has an interview up with Pulse Comic Book News. He talks about being a colorist, and there are several pages from “Take A Chance” to admire, too! Check it out!

Speaking of Chance, here, finally, is the order form for TAKE A CHANCE #1. It is possible that that file will be updated later today so it already has the magic code number to order written in (eta: lo! it has been updated!), but right now at least if you don’t already have a pull list you can take that to your comic shop and get the magic code. :)

And, oh! A short story I wrote some time ago for is currently being featured again at the site. I have no idea how long it’ll be up there, so go take the opportunity to read it. It’s called Ill Met by Moonlight, and it’s about a Hollywood starlet trapped on the wrong side of a mirror.

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