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My printer cartridge has arrived. This means the remainder of the day will be spent:

- making sure it’s the right one and fits and works
- getting paper so I have enough to print out the PRETENDER’S CROWN behemoth manuscript
- clinging to patience as I print the behemoth Fail to cling to patience based on PRINTING THE WRONG FRAKKING VERSION
- going to yoga class my bad, no yoga tonight
- wondering why the hell the book isn’t done printing yet
- swearing at the damned book which will take a week of Sundays to print
- collapsing under a 700+ page manuscript

Tomorrow will be spent trying not to fall asleep while re-reading it. This isn’t actually indicative of the book’s quality (I think it’s rather good, really), but of the fact that I simply cannot stay awake while editing my own work. I have learned to leave the house and go to coffee shops, generally, in order to do edits…but part of that ritual is eating out, and I have very limited funds with which to do that. Plus it usually involves eating *goodies*, which, as we all know, is Not Allowed.


I see from Democrats Abroad that the first debate is going to be screened at O’Neill’s Pub in Dublin on Saturday. I’m pretty tempted to go in and watch that. It’d also give me the opportunity to stop by Sub City and see if I can pick up a copy of this week’s Previews, because in theory Chance will be advertised in it. (I desperately request that people with easy access to a comic shop stop and see if it is, and let me know!)

miles to Isengard: 350.8

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