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before I got distracted…

Before I got distracted with my bitching political post, I’d intended to try to corral my thinks what need doing this week/rest of the month/into October. I shall try again. :)

Got a variety of things coming up, all of which will ideally be done before I go to South Carolina to teach at the South Carolina Writers Workshop.

- yoga class tuesday & thursday
- spanish class wednesday
- develop any paperwork needed for SWCC (deadline: 26 Sept)
- do a bit of revising to the TRUTHSEEKER proposal
- revisions for THE PRETENDER’S CROWN
- write Chance #7
- write chapter 1 of the Mia script
- Octocon, assuming it’s actually happening
- WALKING DEAD revisions, if they come in

*squints at that* I thought I was supposed to be slowing down some. *sigh*

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