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The lovely Interloper Kitty who lives next door has come into our back yard and has found a stiff, dead Quite Large Mouse or Very Small Rat and is now extremely gleefully bouncing and writhing around the patio with it. My own cats are hunched at the back door, glowering in envy.

I am entering Day Seven of No Sweets. I have, with literally no other changes to my behavior, lost 3.4 pounds. Some of this is probably dehydration, though, because I’ve also come down with a head cold and when I breathe out through my nose, great globs of snot go sailing out. On the other hand, some of it is /not/ dehydration, and I’m sort of looking forward to starting to swim again, since that’s one of the most effective calorie-burning exercises known to man. (I haven’t been swimming since the Great Eye Injury of September 10th. My eye seems to have healed up completely, which is what I was waiting for, but now I have a head cold, and tomorrow I’m going to London, so the soonest I’ll swim again is Saturday.)

The poor dead rodent is looking rather less stiff now than it was, and all three cats, mine and Interloper Kitty, are still participating in the same behavior as reported earlier. :)

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