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comparatively early-morning drive-by update

It’s nice out! It won’t last, and in fact was miserable when we walked to the gym three hours ago, but it’s nice out now! And I am happy! It doesn’t take much. :)

I made the error, perhaps, of posting this on Labor Day, when not many people in the US were around, and so, though I’ve gotten some (excellent) responses, I’ll point people here again: in short, if you want to give me a short story idea, I might write it for you. :)

Ardian sent me the rough draft splash page for the 5th issue. (I love artists. They almost always draw the money shot first. The page in question is page 20 of the issue. Fun stuff first! :)) It’s going to be *gorgeous*.

Speaking of gorgeous, have I shown you Scott Clark’s cover for Chance #1? No, I didn’t think so. Teh pretty, let me show you it:

Now I’m going to go to work. Got 5 pages written on Chance #6 yesterday. Aiming for 10 today. Woo woo!

(Oh oh oh, oh wait, first, I have to point people at Ordinary People Change The World, which is a fundraiser site sponsored by comic book writer & novelist Brad Meltzer. They’re raising money to save Jerry Seigel’s home, the house Superman was created in, and there are some really *cool* things going up for bid. Go check it out, because it is totally made of awesome.)

miles to Isengard: 258
ytd miles swum: 13.3
ytd wordcount: 315,000

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