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Plz for to hlp!

I am, as I have mentioned, redesigning I’ve got it nearly done, but I thought I’d put up random quotes from my books as part of the design.

So here’s where I need your help: anybody who wants to give me a favorite quote from one of my books (you can cite page and line if you think it’s spoilish, and I’ll do the rest), please post it in comments! No more than about 200 words, I think. Plz for to help! :)

Man, we’re watching the original Die Hard movie, and 20 years on, it’s really starting to look like a period piece. Smoking in the airports, no cell phones, big hair, big shoulderpads, lots of swearing, violence that’s not painfully graphic…and a young Alan Rickman. Raar. :) Ok, that’s not so much a period piece, that last bit, but still. :)

miles to Isengard: 219.6
ytd miles swum: 9.4

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