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an important Seattle question

Has anybody been to the Space Needle recently? Does the tour guide still tell you that it’s height it something around 2000 Mars bars set end to end? Does anybody know the exact number? Yes, really, this *is* an important Seattle question… :)

Okay. CAULDRON, whatever its title ends up being, has been delivered unto the editor. Who is, of course, out of the office today. She’s always out when I deliver things. :) And that’s about the sum total of what I know. It hasn’t been an exciting day.

Remaining thinks to do this month:

- write the WENDEGO HUNTS proposal
- write the IMPERATOR’S HEIR proposal
- write beatsheets for Chance 6-12
- write Chance #6
- start work on the girl/dragon proposal, if I’m feeling ambitious
- go to MeCon

Oh, right, movies. People wanted to know what I thought of movies. I’ll put my thoughts behind a tag, because though I’ll be pretty non-spoilery, you never can tell what people will consider a spoiler.

X-Files: I Want To Believe: it was basically an X-Files episode, and there were Mulder/Scully smooches, so I was more or less happy with it. I thought it was a little too long, and I wished they’d cast somebody else instead of Billy Connolly because I kept noticing how, hey, that’s Billy Connolly! They don’t seem to believe in running the full credits here in Longford, so I didn’t see the coda, but I read about it and like the idea of it. It gives me hope that Mulder and Scully might get a chance at a happy life, since they are both pretty clearly not happy with their lives in the moment the film shows.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: There was, as advertised, a mummy, a tomb, a dragon, and an emperor. I mean, really, what more can you expect or ask for? Michelle Yeoh very nearly made up for the completely awful new Eve. I failed to believe Brendan Fraser & whoever played Eve were old enough to be Alex’s parents, much less that their *characters* had aged enough since the last Mummy movie for them to be the parents of a 25 year old kid (and yes, I’m sure he was supposed to be younger than that, but the actor’s 27 and looks it, so Fraser’s 14 year age advantage over him is totally insufficient), so that kept throwing me out of the movie. Nor did I believe they’d have settled down to their stiff, boring lives for so long. Also, there was some bit in the movie where I thought, “Ooh! And now they will run away to the set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!”, which again didn’t help keep me in the movie.

The first one’s pure rewatchable fun. So’s the second (up to the end, which pisses me off), but I’m not sure the third one is so much. It’s fluffy and fun, but I did get knocked out of it a lot. And I felt bad for John Hannah. Jet Li was awesome, though, and, well, Michelle Yeoh. So, yeah. You get what’s advertised. :)

Wall-E: was as completely wonderful as everybody’s said it was. SNIIIIF!

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