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I have just wrapped up CAULDRON BORNE (or whatever it’s going to be called) at an unusually short 103,000 words. This is the first time I’ve ever had a book come in short (the Walker Papers are supposed to be 110K), but it’ll no doubt grow a bit in revisions, and perhaps it coming in a little short makes up for PRETENDER’S CROWN being 180K. :)

This means I am *officially* done with the last four years of Insane Writing Schedule. My next book is not due until JUNE 2009. I am DONE DONE DONE DONE *DONE*.

…and you should see my list of potential projects. o.o

No. *No*. I have a few revisions to do to CB before I turn it in. I need to write the proposal for THE IMPERATOR’S HEIR over the next couple of weeks. But before I do ANYTHING ELSE I am going to read all the books on my TBR shelf. And I am going to SWIM. I have been watching Olympic swimmers. I lust in my heart for their form. I shall swim and swim and look like them when I am in the water. It will be lovely. Did I mention that I will READ? And I will go to MeCon and to London and I will READ, and I will eventually write the sixth Chance script, but I am going to READ. And writhe around in NOT WRITING.

It will be *good*.


ZOMG. Done. Can’t believe it! ZOMG!


ytd wordcount: 308,600

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