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making a list, checking it twice

chefted/Ted made an OMG good dinner last night. I allowed as how I was going to keep him for at least *two* more weeks (since I’ll be gone for a week, I better keep him for two so I can take advantage, you know). Really, I don’t know why I say that, because *I’m* not the one who’s got a waitlist of women (and possibly the occasional guy) who are hoping I might part ways with my spouse and therefore be available. I believe janne/Janne is first on the waitlist. :)

I have put together a travel grant for my trip to London/Nottingham in September. Now I am neurotically trying to get ducks in a row for ComicCon. I am making a list and checking it twice, and probably six or eight more times after that, right now. So:

print the following:
- SDCC confirmation page
- plane tickets
- hotel information
- local food venues (THANK YOU, lithera/Lithera et all!)
- everybody’s mobile numbers
- my panel & autographing information
- my tentative schedule
- the travel grant

- do laundry this afternoon
- business cards
- find the following:
  » my little red card carrier
  » my business card carrier
- camera/battery charger
- charge camera battery
- passport

things to buy:
- more allergy medicine, just in case
- vitamin c, because having it with me is probably smarter than saying “oh, i’ll buy it there”
- ditto with a small thing of zinc
- trinkets

This is a bare nubbin of what I feel I probably need to do, but I guess it’s a place to start.

God on a stick. I went to get us some milk and cookies, and as I was bringing Ted’s out to him, the bottom fell out of the milk glass. Just *chunk*, it fell out. And I actually *saw* the milk fall out of the glass like I was watching a time-lapse video, blooping up and then falling down through the glass, and then spreading out beneath it before it hit the floor. It was *extremely* bizarre. And startling as hell. I had the shakes for about five minutes after. Jeez.

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