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Look what happens when I get up early: I write 6400 words.

Ted and I keep getting up later and later and I get visibly less accomplished the later I get up, so last night he set the alarm for 6am. This is horrible, but I actually frequently wake up around a quarter to six anyway, so it wasn’t really that traumatizing. And I was writing by 10 to 7, and, although I didn’t write particularly quickly, I did write a lot. Oh, and broke 60K on the book, which is nice.

In the meantime, Ted has been a damned Hero of the Revolution. He’s been keeping the house clean, has unpacked, has put up art, has organized the computer room, cleaned the living room, cooked all the dinners, made scones and muffins a couple of times, and has just been very very wonderful while I’ve been holed up in my office working. He is the Very Best Ted.

For some reason, despite getting up at 6:15, I’m not particularly tired. I keep waiting to crash…

ytd wordcount: 268,400
miles to Isengard: 86.8

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