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Today was a day of a lot of unpacking and not nearly enough Aberdeen. Next year, by God, we are not going to be moving house and I’m not going to be under a deadline from hell when she comes to this side of the world. But having her company did make unpacking less of a drag, and after she left it occurred to me that we’d found the stereo, so I plugged it in and had music to work to. Got a lot of the books unpacked, which *hugely* reduced the overwhelmingness of the Room O’ Boxes. So I’m feeling like a Productive Kit today, although my stress level is apparently at a peak, because I have a record four canker sores. This is not best. :/

Oh, Productive Kit reminds me, I finally figured out what name I ought to give Irish people if I want them to call me something more or less like “Catie”: Kitty. I could live with Kitty. That’d be okay. After fifteen years of responding to “Kit”, after all, I’m pretty sure I’d remember to answer to “Kitty”. Its one problem, of course, is that I look nothing like Shadowcat… :)

Emily and I took a taxi home yesterday. The cabbie said, “Do ye know where the estate is, then?” I allowed as how I did, and he said, “So I won’t be driving ye all around the town,” which made us both laugh. :)

I have gotten the cover for Chance #1. You guys are gonna *die*. *smug*

miles to Isengard: 42.7

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