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I’m trying to figure out a schedule that doesn’t totally wipe me out at mid-day. I don’t seem to have enough stamina, right now, to get up and swim in the morning, then write. I fall asleep during the writing part, and then end up not getting my words done until 6 or 7pm, which feels Very Late Indeed. OTOH, yesterday I started writing early so I could go see The Incredible Hulk (which delivered, I thought. It wasn’t as good as Iron Man, but I thought it pretty much gave you what you wanted out of a Hulk movie) and got 2K in pretty easily. It’s harder to convince myself to go swim in the middle of the afternoon than in the morning, but I think I’ll have to do that for a while, at least until I’m used to swimming and it doesn’t *exhaust* me so much. I tell you what, even on days when I do very little other than write and walk a few miles, I’m sleeping nearly 9 hours at night. I have got *nothing* left in my reserves.

I’ve been doing my Project365 photography (if barely, some days), but it seems I’ve forgotten the camera cable, so I can’t upload any pictures. Nice girl. Not too bright, but a nice girl.

Happy birthday to LAURA and, just so I don’t forget, a slightly advance happy birthday to JOCELYN! *snorgles you both*

thinks to do today:
- call about
» phone
» fuel
» cable

thinks to do in general:

- discard bryant’s smart-asserycarefully-considered editorial suggestions and revise “frwl” my way :)
- get the “frwl” *contract* signed, it seems
- write THE IMPERATOR’S HEIR proposal
- figure out which other grant to apply for

ytd wordcount: 225,200
miles to (damn, it’s hard not to type ‘Minas Tirith!’) Isengard: 8.5

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