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Frakking Ticketmaster’s released extra “gold circle” tickets at a totally reasonable price for the Bon Jovi concert on Saturday and Ted’s given me permission to go without him, but there is just no practical way to do it. I’d have to go to Dublin, drop off a suitcase either at the train station or at my sister’s house (and she’s not home to coordinate with), go back out to Naas, get to Punchestown, go to the concert, get *back* in to Dublin to stay the night at Deirdre’s (which she’s still not home to coordinate about), then go to Longford Sunday morning. Or risk being able to catch a train back to Cork after the concert, but the last one that’s catchable is at 7:55pm, and between the gates opening at 3pm, opening bands, Bon Jovi themselves playing a 2.5 hour set last time, and having to get back to the train station, that doesn’t seem very damned likely.

*Damn* it. I really wanted to go to that concert.

Next time, god damn it.

miles to Minas Tirith: 483.8

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