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All right. The deed is done; now I will talk about it some.

A while ago I talked about living in and fitting into Ireland, and the attendant difficulties therein. We’ve been trying to come up with solutions, and have made at least one decision that we think is going to help quite a bit: we’re moving to a much less expensive town (*much* less expensive: we’re talking very literally nearly twice the house for half the cost). We’ve rented a house in Longford, the town my parents moved to recently (in fact, we’ll be five doors down from them). We’ll be gone from Cork by the end of the month. In fact, I’ll probably be gone from Cork by next Sunday, because I’m going to basically abandon Ted to deal with all the moving stuff and come up here to hide in an empty house with no internet connection and work very hard on my book.

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In other news, boy. It’s been more than half a million words, 7 books worth of writing, since I last wrote Joanne Walker. She’s changed a lot more than I thought she had when I wrote the proposal for this book two years ago. I’m really glad now for the time away from her, because it’ll shape the next three books in a way that not having a break wouldn’t have, but it does mean I’m rewriting more of the first three chapters than I thought I was going to. I’m enjoying it quite a lot, and I think getting past the rewrites and into the meat of the book is going to be fun.

Bahah. I’ve just gotten permission to beef up my Subterranean Press short story a bit. That’ll give me more room to lodge it firmly in the Old Races universe, and to develop a couple things I left more or less untouched ’cause of wordcount restraints. Ooh, this makes me very happy.

Yeah, okay. Not a bad day, I’d say. Back to work on CB now. It’d be nice to get the first chapter revised by this evening.

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