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Online conversation just now, regarding tin whistles and guitars and broken fingers (yes, still damaged; we think I probably cracked a bone or two):

Kit: so. that’s my goal.
Trent: Heal, learn tin whistle, then move on to guitar?
Kit: pretty much. despite the fact that tin whistle does not in any way translate to guitar.
Kit: although re-learning to read music is helpful.
Trent: My next line was going to be something about ‘crawl, learn to stand, ride a motorcycle’.
Kit laughs.
Kit: isn’t that my SOP?
Trent: Pretty much. :)

We saw Indiana Jones today. It was an Indiana Jones movie. We were pretty happy with it. There weren’t any easter eggs after the credits, so you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. :)

Oh, and only a couple of years late, I read Jim Butcher’s Spider-Man novel, which made me laugh out loud at least ten times. I *hugely* enjoyed that. Go Jim. :)

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