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work would be easier…

Work would be easier if it was always just about the writing. I’ve spent the last couple hours doing *work*, but this is “answer craploads of email and go through a million files” kind of work, which is just as wearying and time-consuming as actually writing, but doesn’t end up with more pages piled up on–

OH IT’S WEDNESDAY! HOORAY! I *thought* it was Wednesday, but then I got it in my head it was Thursday! I have a whole extra day! Wow, that makes me feel better!


–anyway. Doesn’t end up with more pages piled up on the “this half of the manuscript is finished” side of the revision stack. I’d *hoped* the whole manuscript would be on that half of the stack by today, but, well, nope. I’m more than halfway through, though. *chugga chugga chugga*

Oh, God, wow, I’m all light and frothy and happy now that it’s only Wednesday. I don’t feel nearly so far behind or, oddly, nearly so panicked about getting some half-beyond-my-control work done.

Back on my head!

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