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Iron Man & NIN

I donno if anybody else is a Nine Inch Nails fan, but they’re giving away free digital copies of their new album over at *downloads happily*

I shall put my babbling about Iron Man behind a cut, but there is one thing I will say up front which is not a spoiler:

ZOH. MAH. GAHD. we had better get to see Pepper in an Iron Suit by the end of the third movie! ZOMG! ZOMG!! I want this! I Must Have This! Because if RDJr can be *that sexy* in an Iron Man suit (I mean, not that he isn’t anyway, but!), then how hot would Gwyneth Paltrow be?!?!?! ZOMG!

There were so many best bits in this movie I don’t even know where to start. No, that’s not true, I do too know: the first absolutely wrenchingly good moment was Yinsen: “This was always the plan.” I knew he was gonna die, of course, but I had no idea he would get to go out with such a *fantastic* line. AUGH MY HEART.

The stewardesses. *howls with laughter* I’m sorry, that just fell under Totally Best Evar, and it was only one of like six shout-out-loud laughter moments.

The *robots*. Especially, “Good boy,” which, *d’awww*! But just Tony’s entire interaction with them was fantastic. I want robots like that. Ok, I want an Iron Suit, too, but nevermind.

I need an icon of Iron Man walking away from the tank explosion. I *know* I saw a still of that somewhere, but now I can’t find it. *snivel*

I really didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was. I don’t know which I liked better, him slamming through the roof, the floor, and smashing a car, or later when he moved the smooshed car and took the same route out again. *laughs a lot*

Jarvis was awesome. “Oh, yes, sir, that’ll be much more discreet.”

The end of this movie–not the after-the-credits tag, but the end–made me want to jump up just like the press did. *laughs* It *totally* fit the character, and I *completely* didn’t expect it. That was *awesome*. And then *fwoomp*, cut to black, leaving me all BUT I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOORE! and !!! WHERE DOES THE NEXT ONE *START*!?!?!?

There were some 20 people in the theatre at the end of the credits. 4 of them were women. 3 of them were clearly humouring their boyfriends. I, however, went, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and kicked my feet and shrieked and generally behaved like the most gleeful idiot EVAR, because YEAAAAAAAAAH! Bahahahaah! *kicks feet*!

Overall: I wanted Pepper to have a better part, but I guess for what it was, it wasn’t a bad one. It better get beefed up in a kick-ass way for the next movie, though. That’s really my most significant complaint, and, well, that’s not too bad, really. I liked seeing Terrence Howard in a part that wasn’t…miserable. I’ve only seen him in a couple things (Crash and Lackawanna Blues), and both parts were really good but not happy. So I liked seeing him in this. “Next time, baby.” Bahaha. :)

Clawing at the screen for the next one. CAN HAS MOOVEE NAO PLEZ?

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