kit (mizkit) wrote,

an eventful morning!

We caught the little black kitten!

I was up early and went for my walk, and the girl I’d talked to last week (who proves to also be named Catie, though she spells hers wrong) had brought food and had found the kitten this morning, and was feeding it. I went tearing back home to get our cat carrier, because though she’d brought one it was in her car which was at the train station and therefore considerably further away than mine, and then went tearing back to the park, where the kitten was still eating and permitting Katie to pet it. So we picked it up (a job which indeed did take two people: it was eating just on the other side of a metal fence, and it required three hands to get it through the bars) and put it in the carrier, where it made teeny tiny concerned ‘meewww’ sounds, but didn’t otherwise seem too upset. Katie called her friend with the cattery, and because she had to rush off to work, I hung around and waited for the friend to arrive, which she did, and now the kitten is at the vet. We had at least three people stop to ask after the kitten, and one of them was carrying around a tiny can of tuna to try to bribe the little thing with. So! That’s good. Now if we can just catch the torty!

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