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I decided last night that I was going to the gym this morning, but this morning I couldn’t find my gym pass, so I went for a walk instead. On the way back, I saw a little black kitten, maybe 4 months old or so, in one of the parks. Ted and I had seen him on Monday, and were concerned about him, but weren’t sure if *maybe* he belonged to somebody, although he certainly didn’t look like he did. But we had no way of capturing him at the time, and, well, he might’ve belonged to somebody.

I got a better look today and I’m sure he doesn’t. I also was stopped by a girl who’d stopped to cajole him, who wanted to know if I’d seen him before and if he was perhaps a stray, because she has a friend with a cattery who also rehabilitates ferals, and she wasn’t armed to catch a kitten at the moment, but if he was in fact a stray she was going to come back and try to catch him after work, or possibly in the morning. When Ted and I saw him it was in exactly the same area, only in the afternoon, so probably he’ll be there. I hope she catches him. I think maybe tomorrow morning I’ll go by at the same time and see if I can’t find her and perhaps exchange mobile numbers in case it turns out catching a kitten is a two-person job.

…ok, the TPC manuscript has been reduced by slightly more than half in size via line spacing, font size and margin-mooshing, and has been printed out double-sided through careful maneuvering and breath-holding, with an end result of not more than 35 pages wasted in screwed-up printing. It’s 155 double-sided pages, 310 in total (down from 654 in its original format), and lacks a final two chapters. However, in printing and glancing at words and phrases that popped out, I feel reasonably confident that while it needs a _lot_ of work, there are parts of it that are actually good. :) I tell you, I’ve never been this *cheerful* about hitting a wall and having to go back to fix things. I hope it’s not a Very Bad Sign. :)

All right, I have just managed to do three things that I’d been totally dinking around on doing, so go me! And now I’m going out of the house for the third time today (which is rather amazing, for me) and…will no doubt post more later. :)

(Where ‘later’ means “in the same post”, because I forgot to hit ‘publish’ before leaving…)

We were out for coffee in a highly-mirrored cafe, which caused me to look at my pretty but plump face and think, “Ok, this has to stop.” I’m tired of being tubby. I am certainly capable of doing something about it (although there seems to be a high “overwhelming workload/fully aware of diet sabotage but not caring enough to stop” ratio). Maybe today’s observation will be enough to actually make me do something about it.

Ted, while bringing me a pile of dishes to wash, suggested tonight be RomCom Night at the Murphy-Lee household. I asked if this proposal was born of not wanting to be killed for bringing me more dishes to wash, but he says not. So I’m going to go watch some fluffy romcom with my hubby now. :)

ytd wordcount: 182,400
miles to Minas Tirith: 296

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