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I am being full-force cuted-upon. Lucy, who helped herself to some kind of leftovers from the roast chicken and ran upstairs to avoid being caught and then sat in a corner licking her chops, has come to sit in my lap and purr and kittybread and stick her head in my elbow to make it clear she’s obviously too adorable to kill.

It is, of course, working like a charm. Even when she tries to rid my fur of mats. Like, say, the mat that’s my wristbone: *lick lick lick gentle gnawing*

Yesterday, no, Friday, when I was working, I had a horrible moment of facing the Novelist’s Event Horizon and desperately wanted to eat something Not Good For Me, and lo! there was expensive dark chocolate from Sammy and Myles! and it was good. and it helped. :)

I broke 175K for the year today. *headdesk*

ytd wordcount: 175,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 285.4

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