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what excellent friends :)

Sammy & Myles, who have evidently been taking sneak lessons on The Care & Feeding Of A Kit, arrived (in the form of Myles) on the doorstep this morning bearing a bottle of wine (in congratulations for a million published words) and a bar of 72% dark chocolate (to help get me through the Novelist’s Event Horizon).

This, combined with an especially nice comment from fantasy novelist Michelle Sagara, has cheered me quite a lot. Also, Ted took me out of the house and we wandered around in the sunshine for a bit, and had lunch, and that was good too.

A lot of today’s writing so far has entailed reading my synopsis really carefully and leaving myself notes about what I’m going to need to fix when the draft is done. But I’ve also managed a thousand words, and I think I’m basically going to go try to work more or less steadily until Doctor Who comes on, at which point there will be Who, Who Confidential, and then however much of BSG season 3 we burn through tonight.

Later I will pick up on the “How many books have I written” meme spawned by EBear after discussion on Jay Lake & others’ journals. It would be best if ‘later’ was not ‘forty minutes from now’, as implied by the above paragraph.

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