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We have returned the part of my life where there is no life, there is only Zuul, where “Zuul” means “wordcount”. I am attempting 5K a day for 7 days, because I won’t get any writing done at P-Con, and this book is a long way from finished. I have juuuuuust broken 90K on it. I am, at this point, certain I am halfway through. I might only be a few hundred words more than halfway through, but I am halfway through. I have somewhere between 50 and 80,000 words to go. I hope to God it’s on the 50K end, but I fear it’s probably more dead in the middle, around 65. 13 days of writing, if I can maintain 5K days. I don’t know if I can. *exhales noisily*

Anyway, the invasion’s going pretty well. Not quite as sexy as I hoped, but I can make it better in revisions. Right now I’ve just got to get through it.

Actually, right now I’ve just got to get away from a computer and take some aspirin.

ytd wordcount: 107,200
miles to Minas Tirith: 198.9

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